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The New Woody Doc

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, February 27 2021 at 8:26:30PM

Wood Yee. (Thank you, old Howard Stern joke in my memory.) I think it's called Woody vs. Mia or something, on HBO.

Poor Woody. What is now, like 80? Why do they target the weak and elderly??

I guess it may not be out just yet (I'm not informed on these drops), but he's now a Woke target. I personally have no idea about his personal life in any way, though I would possibly defend him with the simultaneous excuses that like many child lovers are said to be suffering a head injury, he was hit in the head by a baseball and now believes he is Keiser Wilhelm.

Oh yeah, the other excuse is that Mia Farrow has been a lifelong cuckoo-clock, probably from all that acid she did with the Beatles in India and probably other stuff not known before that.

Let's face it, most "normie" hetero guys have encountered a Mia-like headcase at least once in their lives. They just had the brains to run away.

He did see the beautiful talent in a shy Brook Shields rather early on, which to my mind should have been a no-brainer.

I dunno much about the family stuff, and to me, Mia is in actuality the eternally freaked out reality-grasping character from Rosemary's Baby (RIP Ruth Gordon, btw, one of Eeyore's favorite actresses ever.)

I....dunno. Informed people are not victims in my book. How informed were they?

..Or why can a German Herzog get an artistic pass for something an American Jew cannot?

..yanno, stuff like that.

Just random thoughts...


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