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I don't blame marriage per se..

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, March 02 2021 at 04:55:04AM
In reply to This is why I would never get married posted by LOD on Sunday, February 28 2021 at 6:50:08PM

(I really believe she's a total a nutball, tho. My opinion.)

I do blame early Hollywood rebellion dressed in the guise of liberation (really just pure monied Hedonism wrapped up in a current plastic cause of the times applauded in the oft televised mirror-validation (lay me hard for my approach at this truth, bitter former young betrayed princesses I've adored over the years)..

Being left with the somewhat bitter taste in the mouth depends, of course, on the possibility that you have not only a soul, but some sense of moral virtue not connected to a need for popularity or money.

This is likely how I've managed to make famous girls I personally liked and appreciated for their talent.. laugh with sincerity. It's way more satisfying from afar than sex in person ever could be. After all, most of them are already broken anyway. Why not try to reflect enjoyment back at them?

To haters: I've gotten a few honest A-list runaways to generate a spontaneous SMILE via my honest words over the years.

What positive thing have YOU done?


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