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Has anyone heard the Hannah Hays story?

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, January 31 2021 at 04:41:04AM

I sorta knew of her previously, but I got sucked into her story, no pun intened, just spending about 8 hours of my life on this, ending with an interview with her on Bitchute that rose out of a controversy at a 4chan board in 2018.

Basically, the short version is she moved from Appalachian Georgia to LA, barely 18 and in between Junior and Senior year of high school. Some porn industry scout spotted her on a shifty dating app and approached her about doing professional porn.

Why he approached her particularly may or may not be worthy of further scrutiny. Here is where things get dicey. Well, she's very cute of course, but.. she's also, um.. well she comes off as being sort of dim-witted. I know what you're probably thinking, but I mean even beyond that. She has an odd way of speaking, has had some emotional trauma in her life that clearly carries over to the present, appears to think like a child (although in certain ways seems very much a capable adult), and well, some of the statements that come out of her mouth make me cringe.

I had to take a step back. I've never been an actual supporter of porn of any age. I've always said that actual mutually loving relationships are what I was supporting. OTOH, I also said more than once that if your options are going to jail or looking at porn, the latter is the lesser problem.

I've also said I believe that young girls can consent to intimacy, provided they are informed and the older person is honestly in love with them, HONEST with them, and the feelings are mutual. (Obey your local laws.)

I don't feel good about this young woman's story. I don't feel good about her sexual activities being a commodity for the benefit of others. This is NOT my usual thinking for other women. Most know perfectly well what road they are going down, and it is their own choice. Her understanding, however, is clearly not even slightly deep. From what I gathered, the only one she really trusts in life is her pet gecko lizard. Apparently she may have a boyfriend since then. Not sure.

After watching the bitchute interview (/video/mMg5bvIcFB5V/), I went from wanting to do things still illegal in certain places, to just wanting to buy her an ice cream cone and a cute puppy, and maybe give her an honest, no-boner hug.

As permissive as I've been about interpersonal sex, I've just never liked it as an industry. At the same time, I feel people who really have their wits about them ought to be allowed free choice for themselves.

For anyone wondering, she has a twitter and some other social media. It's fascinating, because she really does seem to think like a child, despite now being.. born '98.. well, you do the math. I'm personally kind of fascinated. She doesn't do drugs (Good Girl!), so she may be an unintended experiment with regard to where her life leads.

I'm conflicted on this one, and there's an "ick" factor to it, although that really ought not be very surprising for LA. Wondering what others' perspective is, though, since the story pulled me in on the basis of moral and philosophical questions.


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