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those are very old nics

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, January 23 2021 at 6:48:13PM
In reply to My niece that was my favorite... posted by griffith on Friday, January 22 2021 at 4:16:46PM

Probably from before I left for a few years. I've been wishing to either see Kero post again, or otherwise have him leave me a memo in chat under any nic he prefers. I've been wanting to verify another GCer's claim to me about the fate of a former poster that both Kero and I were friends with. (Back in the day, when I was dumb enough to risk making contact with other girl lovers from this board.)

I think many of us wonder what the cause for people's disappearance was. Did that person just lose interest? Did they decide to try and force themselves to stop liking kids? Did they pass away? Were they just a fake child lover trying to gather intel?

Or of course, the most gossipy one of all.. did they get busted for something, and if so, for what, and what was the true story behind it? Gimwinkle seems to be the only one who went through the fire and came back to tell about it.

I used to hear some dramatic stories about people at BC, but most here just seem to vanish without a trace.

Cool vids. The girls need a little more baking time for me personally, but the Hebrew singing one is a real cutie.


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