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My niece that was my favorite...

Posted by griffith on Friday, January 22 2021 at 4:16:46PM

...when she was a cute small girl, is now a mere crackpot. "Stand on your head and meditate, so you won't get covid. Don't wear mask."

Just now she told that she wished that Trump would have continued. Yes... she is a nutjob, not very intelligent. I turned off my telephone.

I drank today, because 4 months passed without drinking. I will drink a little tomorrow, and then another 4 months will pass without drinking.

No reason to explain my music links. I don't change my tastes every day. The last link makes me sad, because Stahntii came here after many years' break, and I thought that he was Bottle. He loved Susanna Nio in the last link. Then he revealed who he was -- and disappeared again.

Come back, Stahntii!


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