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Posted by Eeyore on Monday, January 18 2021 at 5:13:41PM
In reply to Let's have a nonpolitical thread. Why is it that.. posted by Butterfly Kisses on Sunday, January 17 2021 at 10:53:55PM

The physical stuff with boys goes back centuries or probably millennia. I'm not so well-versed on ancient history, but I am thinking of possibly the Spartans? Warrior culture where sex with boys was part of the process of creating warriors..

The there's the Church, which not only seems to be naturally appealing to a lot of homoerotic tendencies, but a simultaneous reverence for innocence. Hence, why it seems to me there has always been so much attraction to boys for possibly its entire existence. (Which made it sort of amusing that western society suddenly clutched its pearls over the "discovery" of so much "pederastry" by the mainstream media in the early 2000's. I always found it strange that the timing of this dramatic scandal only surfaced shortly after the Vatican announced that it was against the 2003 invasion of Iraq, but that's just a personal observation.)

In medieval times and Renaissance times, many boys were taken under the wing of various craftsmen and masters of their craft to learn a trade or an art, to the point that the family actually sent their boy to live with him. A lot of these relationships turned sexual. One person who comes to mind is the painter Raphael, who was sent off as a boy to learn from master painters, and who apparently was quite, ahem, popular. He also created some amazing works, I admit. I know there are countless others, but for some reason he's the one who comes to mind.

Those highfalutin private schools for boys were (you can bet your bippy!) filled with educators who had a wide encompassing definition of what entailed an education, as I am sure those schools for girls did as well, at least the ones that allowed male instructors. The difference? For the most part in history, it has always been males who take positions of authority and various spots as creative (artistic, scientific) rock stars. Most girls have gone on to take secondary roles historically. Great value is placed in creating great men out of boys, while girls have been expected to become loyal submissive wives and mothers. At the same time, promiscuity was always deemed a very positive male attribute for a boy or man, while the opposite was true for a girl or woman.

So we can see how the attraction to boys does feel like it has a higher or more worthy place in society, especially to boy lovers themselves;) I've often felt that nobler-than-thou from (certain, not all) boy lovers.

There is something in there to explain why many "normie" men will cheer the story of boys getting it on with their female teacher (Van Halen song, anyone?) while simultaneously calling for the castration, torture and dismemberment for the male teacher who is often clearly no skilled Cassanovic shark with notches on his belt, but merely the low-willpower prey of sassy temptress who is punching up the social ladder early, and if it helps her get an "A" in class, well then all the better to her mind.

The Greeks and Romans were also into the boy stuff, so it stands to reason that much of western society has boy love in its foundations. How that intertwines with so-called patriarchal things, I have no idea and don't feel like exploring in my old amateur ways like I used to.

It does shine some light into my own thinking on why boy love gets a higher placement in some higher echelons of higher society than girl love though, even if they tend not to speak about it in mixed company.

And after all, hetero men who prefer women are not so different than men who prefer girls. They usually would prefer someone who is a virgin when they meet them, and then have them be a naughty, dirty girl with them, and only with them. As I see it, we're a threat to men who want a woman who is still a virgin when the woman finally reaches THEIR AoA. (Even though I think many men today are having that preference trained out of them today by feminist-ruled ideas of equality.. and it's quite cringe worthy to me personally.)

There's a human habit to validate things about ourselves, our own traits and preferences, by claiming they are less taboo or less dastardly than THOSE people over there. I know I shared it here at least once that one time I found myself landing at some strange message board for people who liked necrophilia. I think that's one of the most disgusting things there is, but there was a big popular thread where they were discussing how "at least WE'RE not as bad as THOSE people who are PEDOS." I just remember finding it so interesting and bizarre that they had convinced themselves that buggering rotting flesh should be acceptable in society, and one guy was even arguing how it is hygienic or good for the earth or some nonsense.

I even used to say that we had a lot of people here back in the day who who's general persuasions in thinking would have them hating us, but for the inconvenience that they themselves were attracted to girls, and therefore it should be the one exception to most of their beliefs.

It's a cheap and lazy thing to do, to defend yourselves with the argument "at least WE'RE better than THOSE people." That doesn't argue why you deserve a seat at the table. You're just trying to get a wrung up the ladder by standing on the heads of others. Sorta like how the gays and lesbians did to disperse the child lover from their ranks when they saw an opportunity for assimilation into "accepted" society.

To this day, the only friend from my teen years who knows my attraction to girls and accepted it is my log-cabin republican gay friend who's always had a thing for older young boys (I think "twinks" might be the term?) The irony I've always felt in that has never escaped me.

People who make general statements that this or that specific taboo thing is okay while these others are not, and who don't try to offer any personal assertions why that should be.. or even if they do in some cases.. are often just sharing an identity with that specific thing.

Nearly everybody these days just wants their own specific desire or preference to be acceptable. It's just human nature for baby to want and not be denied what baby wants. It's far more difficult to convince society that you really do see how there could be some benefit in girl love, than just looking like you want to be free to do whatever you want to do, civilization and the greater good be damned.


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