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Powerbomb! (GM)

Posted by j_k on Thursday, December 31 2020 at 09:51:39AM

Close on a year without hugs now. I miss my girls.
Fuck you, Xi Jin Ping. What a plague you allowed to escape into the world.


Before all this went down, my Beatrice   was coming over to my house every weekend.
She'd be drawing comics on my computer, and making worlds in Roblox
(an oddly innocent and wholesome pastime for a young teen girl, while so many of her peers are trying to look as hot as possible on social media)

On the very last day that the world was normal, littlest sister tagged along for the first time.
Kitty, age seven, a mischievous little cat so much like her sisters were at that age.

While big sister was on my computer engrossed in her online worlds, Kitty dragged me off to play.
She's a great fan of professional wrestling, and wanted to make movies with me.
Her favorite was getting powerbombed into my sofa over and over, and pinned down for the 3-count.
For those who don't know, this is a powerbomb:

As I'm sure you can imagine, the delight was mutual.
Even though the cute sundress she was wearing wasn't exactly proper wrestling kit-- it kept riding up around her thighs all the time...
(White cotton, and a very sweet, clean, freshly washed scent)


Afterward, watching all our movies, she wanted them uploaded to Tiktok, and so they are.
All set to private on a throwaway account that only she and I will ever know about (and I'm quite sure she forgot already)

The day after, everything went into lockdown.
Fuck you and your party, Xi Jin Ping. May your jar of honey always be moldy.
But at least, there is this:
Tucked away in a server deep in the heart of communist China, there are many videos of a little girl squealing in delight with her legs wrapped around my face.


A happier New Year to all of us. May there be hugs again soon.


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