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Oof. Where to begin.

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, December 22 2020 at 05:21:04AM
In reply to SAFE? No Eeyore, you and others actively ignored.. posted by starlet_Luver on Monday, December 21 2020 at 1:25:19PM

I am clearly out of my element round these parts these days.

First, I want to understand how you know the person in the headlines is this particular poster.

Second, I get the feeling he is NOT the person who ran for political office in Virginia, but perhaps he is??

Third, I don't know if I am on your list of "top posters" which would be a title that would absolutely make me cringe. I'm an idiot who writes fairly well but sucks at math. I've never claimed to be anything more.

Fourth, I read about 10% of the posts I used to read back in the day, usually just names I remember unless the title is really intriguing. When I see someone who's being an annoyance and clearly out of bounds, I have enough faith in our fellow posters to know he's got a target on his head and avoid him. Even the dark pizza web knows our rep. We don't entertain that nonsense here, 20 years on. So why get so angry that he got ignored? I don't get it.

In the end he got what he was asking for. Except he didn't realize what he was asking for. We could have warned him, like so many other Nazi aficionados who seem to be into loli for all the wrong reasons. But he wouldn't have listened to any of us, would he?

How Trump figures into that, I dunno. I decided in 2016 not to wade into that drama. Pretty proud of myself for more or less keeping to my promise. He does seem to adore his Jewish daughter. Crap. There I go..


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