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SAFE? No Eeyore, you and others actively ignored..

Posted by starlet_Luver on Monday, December 21 2020 at 1:25:19PM
In reply to I'm safe. posted by Eeyore on Monday, December 21 2020 at 05:42:31AM

...him but you knew who he was and what he was about.

Who do you think this posts was directed at when I made it? (BTW, yes... YOU was the one who was "stumbling all over himself")

It took LGsoul, an older time who just recently return to GC to speak up when none of the top posters said a word!!!!!

A monster is a monster, regardless of cool tricks a monster made use to allow you to rationalize away that fact with statements like, "he is a monster BUT he hates feminist", or statements like "he is a monster BUT hates liberalism" or "he is a monster BUT hates law enforcement"....WTF???? He is a MONSTER..Period

There was people here and at BoyChat who wanted to downplay the fact that he was a monster because he was in tune to some of their own "personal pet peeves". All the while forgetting what monsters are about.
A monster create, terrorize and destroy it victims. A monster also have the power to turn others into monsters like itself. This is what people forget when they try to rationalize away what monsters are truly about.

The same way those people in that country who allowed another monster to be their President for past 4 yrs.

A monster is a monster..Period

Much Love,

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