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Chris Hansen never caught a single pedophile

Posted by LOD on Saturday, November 21 2020 at 06:22:49AM

And neither has any of the pedohunter losers who go online posing as teenage girls. The only people they've "caught" are lonely men desperate for female attention. I've been on pedo forums for twenty years now and never once do I know of a poster who got caught in one of those stupid sting operations.

Pedophiles, in fact, very rarely get in trouble and it's not all due to virtuous coping.

One reason I continue to post on these forums is not just to add to conversation but because I like to remind all the dumb antis out there who may be reading this that I'm still here. Still not in prison. Still looking for little girls to cuddle and play with while admiring their sexy prepubescent bodies. I might have even made out with a few who knows? ;)

Oh well just wanted to set a little reminder. Good luck getting youtube famous with your "pedohunting" LMFAO. Meanwhile I'll be checking out all the cute girls at the local playground and then popping in here to say a few.

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