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Yes, that's what happened.

Posted by Baldur on Sunday, November 29 2020 at 00:54:39AM
In reply to Is that what happened? posted by sans on Sunday, November 22 2020 at 02:29:43AM

I read several full accounts of what happened.

All the racial animus was black-on-white and red-on-white.

The Covington high school students acted impeccably.

A video clip of one moment from the encounter went viral, showing one of the students with an awkward smile as he tried to deal with a frequent agitator with a penchant for self-aggrandizing lies when he came over right in front of him and banged a drum in his face.

And considering that people like yourself still have a faulty understanding of what happened thanks to a media that couldn't be bothered with even basic fact-checking, he deserves what he got in his lawsuit as it appears his reputation has been severely affected by their lies.

Seriously, you know the media lies about us and has lied about us for nigh fifty years. Why would you presume they told the truth in this case?

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