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The economic cost of U.S. prisons is nothing.

Posted by Gimwinkle on Monday, November 09 2020 at 2:33:51PM
In reply to Interesting posted by sans on Monday, November 09 2020 at 0:38:50PM

Prison populations in the U.S. are high because prisons are not much of a deterrent to crime. In fact, they are elementary schools for people who are taught to become more relaxed about violating society's rules.

I often refer to my own stay in prison as my "Extended Vacation". Three good meals a day, free medical attention (albeit substandard), lots of chances to make friends with similar thought processes as my own. The only reason to have a job is to keep from getting bored. Plenty of illicit recreational chemicals (if you have the connections and the money). Very easy sex (if you don't mind "that" kind.)

In reality, there is no accountability when breaking society's rules. True, your standard of living changes. You do lose some freedoms; but you gain some, in compensation.

If I think I can get away with cheating on society's rules to get something I want, there isn't much punishment if I don't get away with it. So, when the opportunity presents itself, I'll accept the risk. If I am caught, I'll have time to think about my mistakes, learn how to better do things, and (if possible) wait for another chance.

The problem with that mentality is, well, not too many people are smart enough to get away with it. One bank robber fellow heard about some (nameless) fellow inmate who was pretty smart about prison security things and, after careful questioning his new friend, surprised everyone by"leaving" the prison on his own and actually left the State. Several months later, in another State, he got caught robbing another bank. He had been carefully taught how to circumvent the first prison's security systems yet NOT how to stay out of prison. So, he came back. (True story.)

Quite a few people who had been, for decades, in the prison that I was in, did have an appointment to legally leave prison but, not surprisingly, did what they could to stay there. In fact, that was my own plan but my family objected and convinced me to leave.

About feminism, I don't think I have ever experienced someone like that. But, then, I don't really look for it, either. It may be rampant but I just don't recognize it.


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