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The silver lining of a creepy uncle Joe Presidency

Posted by hierophant on Monday, November 09 2020 at 01:49:24AM
In reply to wordpress posted by hierophant on Sunday, November 08 2020 at 9:38:20PM

The silver lining of a creepy uncle Joe Presidency. Is he could be our means to force our issues into the public sphere. If Biden does become president we should embrace him. Now I know many of you are opposed to his creepiness but let's look at where this feeling comes from. Biden does not practice current social norms. The physical attention creepy uncle Joe gives to children may not be socially normal but I believe it is not biologically abnormal. In a more enlightened society, I think children would embrace the physical attention and possibly melt into it.

So when and if Joe Biden becomes president I think we should embrace him as our pedophile president. Even with all his (typical for the modern politician) regular practice of selling political influence.

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