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The real key to Pedophile's mental health

Posted by LOD on Wednesday, November 04 2020 at 05:42:43AM

Virped claims that "many (pedophiles) are depressed, and even suicidal, because of sexual thoughts that they didn’t choose but are able to successfully resist." This of course is false. Perhaps it is something they've told themselves multiple times until they actually believed it but it's nothing but a giant cope.

The real major cause of mental disturbances in pedophiles is a lack of intimacy and relationships with children. Those who have no contact with children get the most depressed and suicidal which is why the pedophiles most desperate to speak with a therapists are the virped ones.

For pedophiles, particularly exclusive ones, not having a LGF is what will drive you crazy. No pedophile would give a shit what society thinks as long as he has a little girl to cuddle with at night. This is what orgs like b4uact and all these MAP therapists need to understand and accept, if they can't do that than they cannot help us and are of no use. Helping pedophiles find and develop healthy intimate relationships with children is the best thing you can do for their mental health. Telling pedophiles to keep away from children and to resist themselves is actually harmful and you might as well be telling them to jump off a bridge.

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