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"Beyond": a fictional account

Posted by Gimwinkle on Thursday, November 05 2020 at 06:07:25AM
In reply to The feeling of merely cuddling is amazing. posted by LGsouL on Wednesday, November 04 2020 at 0:00:12PM

People say we shouldn’t be together; but, we are and it’s okay between us. It’s just something we do. They don’t know about the things we do; they don’t know that I’ve waited for this all my life. They don’t know of Her dawning surprise nor of Her blissful demand of “more!”

I slip into the ruffled bed beside Her exposed form, brush Her long, dark hair aside and lovingly, kiddingly, touch the tip of Her button nose. She is motionless, arms and hands serenely at Her side as She wordlessly awaits my adoring attention. The air conditioner sighs gently as it lightly cools the sultry, sweat filled room that the two of us are together alone in. The summer’s thin blankets have been kicked to the floor, the evening’s obscuring cloak wraps us comfortably in darkness except for the tiny nightlight She loves and Her breathing, once quiet, quickly becomes shallow while I, too, struggle to remain soundless. My lips touch Her ear in a faery kiss, my fingers trace the subdued curves of Her chest, my mind sharply focuses on Her response.

Bridging Her elegant figure in parallel, I exhale my warmth to just below Her chin, past Her neck, and then follow those mesmerizing curves until I arrive at Her open and welcoming invitation. A fingertip caress precedes a thunder-bolt strike of pleasure that courses directly into Her being. Yet, in its love, the touch is by far too bold – too cumbersome – to build slowly to a crescendo. Gracefulness is what is needed. And I have just the delicate touch that will bring Her to the pinnacle of a personal pleasure experience.

There is a difference between a kiss to the top of Her head, a kiss to Her cheek, a kiss to Her ear or neck, and a kiss to Her lips. These, She knows. She understands. She accepts and wants them as they are intended: platonic, then friendly, then sensual, and finally sexual. Yet, as anatomical features are further explored, how should this region be acknowledged? Is it not strange? New, yes. But what now? The rolling waves of delight insist on their arousing effect, yet the difference in what had been a daily insignificance now appears to develop into a new consideration, a new joy, a new delight. A new kiss.

Yet, not quite a kiss. Beyond a kiss. An embrace filled with lightning and exclamations. Oh, Her demand! She is crushed with intense pleasure. Past belief. Unadulterated carnality. The brain’s arrival at fundamental existence. This, then, is the meaning of life itself. To experience this.

She pulls me to Her as She pushes into my kiss. And I am filled with love for Her. I know where She is. I know.

How, I ask you, is this heinous? People say we shouldn’t be together; but, we are and it’s okay between us.


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