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First signs of decrepitude?

Posted by griffith on Tuesday, November 03 2020 at 07:34:51AM

Yesterday and today, when walking, I thought that I noticed the first signs of decrepitude in my body. They are mostly caused by COPD (I wonder if there is a good colloquial term for it in English) and osteoarthritis. The latter does not kill.

I just met a guy that has known me for a long time, and he said that my age is already an achievement considering my heavy merits (alcoholism, other substance use, decades of smoking that stopped several years ago).

I said to him that I have nothing against slowly getting decrepit, because then I know that I will get out of here sooner.

Of course there are people that are older than me and in a better condition, but it is a different thing that has NOTHING to do with this. Have they smoked and drunk for decades?


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