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re Paying the piper

Posted by griffith on Tuesday, November 03 2020 at 0:54:47PM
In reply to Paying the piper posted by Gimwinkle on Tuesday, November 03 2020 at 10:07:55AM

I don't agree what you said about heart diseases. I have read this earlier, and here it is again, before my eyes, on another browser: after you have stopped smoking, in five years your risk of getting a heart attack is half of that of the smokers, and in ten years the risk is on the same level with non-smokers, those who have never smoked.

Lung cancer may be a different thing. I won't bother to find any facts now, but I used to know a few men who had stopped heavy smoking ten, twenty. even thirty years earlier, and still died of lung cancer. One professor said that the lung cancer may take 30 years to develop -- but he is not a doctor. Maybe he still knows something.

(English articles a, an, the in this message? Fuck them!)

And alcoholism? Drinking a lot must have many effects on the brain, but because the brain is numb, you don't notice it... At least I have that polyneuropathy, luckily a mild one, not officially diagnosed, and who knows what else has happened in my brain?


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