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Part 2.

Posted by Qtns2di4 on Thursday, October 29 2020 at 05:14:59AM
In reply to Gunpowder. [2020.10.25] posted by Qtns2di4 on Sunday, October 25 2020 at 05:47:43AM

I don't know why or how I love you. I just do.

I would kiss your hands and feet until your fingers and toes merge into my lips.

I would look into your eyes until mine own cannot look away from them.

I would brush your hair until you don't remember what it was like unbrushed.

I would trace with my fingers and mouth every place in you until I can't figure out the world outside.

I would launch WMD's against anyone who dared try to hurt you.

I would embrace you when you're cold, when you're afraid, when you're melancholic, when you feel unsafe, when you feel nostalgic, when night, hunger and storm make you unsure, when you need to vent, when your moon doesn't shine.

I would kiss you asleep.

I would kiss you awake.

I would water your fields and dry out your storms.

I would heat up your loneliness and cool down your anger.

I will crash against your stubbornness, and yet be the engine behind your perseverance.

I will make our lives mean something.

I will make the times I watch down from the mountains worth it; and the times you feel at peace as you fall asleep tired after a busy day unforgettable.

And we will meet again, and again, week after week and day after day on earth, timelessly in Heaven.


Cuteness is to die for
Cuteness cannot fail
Cuteness knows no limit
Cuteness will prevail

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