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Gunpowder. [2020.10.25]

Posted by Qtns2di4 on Sunday, October 25 2020 at 05:47:43AM

What I want is not what I will.
What I miss is not what I'm missing.
What passed by is not what went on.
What I felt is not what I dreamed.
What spawns is not what I speak.
What you mean to me is not what I can carry.
What rots in my heart is not what you seeded.
What you looked for is not what you found.
What I asked for is not what I gave.
What I forfeited is not what I gained.
What your eyes lit up is not what I darkened out.
What you created is what I could not destroy.
What I created is what you did burn down.
What I listened from you is not what I believed.
What I told you is not what will make you live.
What I will miss from you is not what I will regret.
What I hated of you is not what I loved in me.
What will annihilate me is what you will defeat.
What I will remember is what you will forget.
What I will hear from God, I heard from you before.


Cuteness is to die for
Cuteness cannot fail
Cuteness knows no limit
Cuteness will prevail

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