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My 2 cents

Posted by Caretaker on Wednesday, October 28 2020 at 11:54:36PM
In reply to Alternatives to Bitcoin posted by walkinginthepark on Wednesday, October 28 2020 at 7:01:59PM

As I responded to j_k, if people are willing to donate with Crypto, I will make the means available for it to be done. I can say for certain that Bitcoin is not a problem, but I cannot speak at this moment about other crypto.

You mention the risks of snailmail - specifically postmarks. I'd like to address that concern if I may.

Many many years ago when Sheepy was treasurer, there was an arrangement with a third party who was actually connected to GC's host at the time to collect the letters. This worked out well as that person was NOT a member of the GC or even the GL community. So even though he saw that a contribution was received from the nick "MadeUpNick" postmarked in Somewhereistan, he had absolutely no clue about anything about that poster as he was not a member of this community. So while not perfect, it still was good that no actual GC mod/admin could ever connect postmarks with nicks.

Our current arrangement works in much the same way. The third party intermediary is a member of the CL community, but not the GL or GC community. However, that person is indeed quite trusted and has been a member of the online BL community for decades. So again, that is basically anonymous for all intents and purposes. GC admins will never see the envelopes that any snail mail donations arrive in, so anonymity is rather well preserved IMHO.

The page that The Treasurer linked is rather dated, so it is a bit inaccurate in stating that "we will only be giving the "real time" mailing address to our members who achieve chat privileges". In actuality, the situation is that the information will only be provided to registered posters. Hence, the request for your password along with your nick and the amount that you will be sending. The password will be checked to insure that the person donating is a present member of the forum.

A further note about what we can accept via snail mail. Any convertible currency is acceptable. Fortunately, the banking system in the country where donations will be sent is very friendly for converting cash. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any type of checks or money orders.

When Sheepy was involved we received donations in over a dozen different currencies. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that the instructions provided for sending your donations be followed EXACTLY. In speaking with former treasurers and mailbox masters, the ONLY donations that ever did not arrive were ones from people who did not follow the precise instructions given. In both cases, the guidelines for "placing the banknotes between two pieces of cardboard (such as index cards) or in a tri-fold glossy brochure" were not followed and the cash was stolen from the envelope during transit.

Anyways, I hope that the wonderful posters of this community will open their wallets and donate as it is completely unfair to place the burden on maintaining this site on one or two admins. For without support of the community, there will no longer be a community to support.

The Caretaker

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