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(Children First = human health + environmentalism)

Posted by Children First! on Wednesday, October 07 2020 at 4:50:45PM
In reply to ~A concerned, unapologetic statement on humanity.~ posted by Children First! on Wednesday, October 07 2020 at 3:51:59PM

The solution of requesting to put children first in all of our lives is not only about fighting for the rights of children in combination with the rights of grown-up children (adults), but also about something much deeper and important as a whole, which, if put into action among all the cultures around the world along with a few teachings, would be a way to stabilize the health of all humanity starting from where we are now or later in time (emphasis on post-collapse of civilization) and how to focus on environmental sustainability to continue our survival as humans on this planet.

If you can understand how everything is connected and what must be done for humans to successfully live in equilibrium with themselves and the rest of life on this planet, then I am happy, as that is the real point I am trying to make.

The health of humanity is not currently stable: putting children first in our lives will help to solve this issue.

The planet is suffering from environmental destruction: putting children first will also help to solve this issue.

If you have wanted to know how to save the planet in every way, putting children first is the answer. This is my conclusion to all things.

Thank you for your time.
-Children First!

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