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~A concerned, unapologetic statement on humanity.~

Posted by Children First! on Wednesday, October 07 2020 at 3:51:59PM
In reply to ♡♡ THIS IS THE ANSWER EVERYONE IS LOOKING FOR ♡♡♡ posted by Children First! on Monday, September 28 2020 at 0:19:25PM

This message is only directed towards certain types of people who actually exist and sadly have dominated the earth at this point. With that said, these words may not apply to any of you out there:

Please try to understand when I say this, that if you do not care about putting children first, as in, to focus on raising them a specific way so that they do not grow up to be like the spawn of the devil thinking that it is OK to destroy the natural world, it's delicate ecosystems, and human living environments of all kinds for any unworthy reason, then... fuck you and your life.

Children are sculpted by all sorts of people and environments during their lives well into their own [adulthood], these days to be raised to follow along the paths of destructive paradigms, paradigms that are patterns of slow death, insanity, and suicide/humanicide.

Question: What went wrong to cause such destructive behavior thus causing these problems?
Answer: Children were not put first in a deep way, which technically has been going on for thousands of years, and now everything around us is being ruined and falling apart. Extinction seems imminent, and the science and there to back this claim.

Back to what I was saying, NOTHING makes me angrier than knowing about these poor choices we as humans have made over time (especially within the last few hundred years), as well as what I know about humans who think such choices are not a serious problem either, and such ignorance
is still happening these days beginning with parenting in combination with the physical design aspects of human-environmental structure that we continue to build.

Civilization, if you did not know, is a mostly a death trap...

The skyscrapers are tombstones,
sidewalks are paths for zombies,
and every automobile is a hearse.

Our planet is the only planet with life on it!
Do you understand how important this is?!


If you focus on putting children first in a specific way, a deep way inside everything that we as humans do as a whole, whenever possible, the world will hopefully regain it's health again, and that is what I am truly fighting for: a healthy, sustainable home for all to live in, for a long long time.

To put children first is a very simple thing to do, but as of now it is very hard to put into action, as humanity has gotten more and more out of tune with the acceptance of living in balance with nature.

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