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People rarely use facts to inform opinion

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Friday, October 02 2020 at 02:09:36AM
In reply to War on abuse free outlets posted by Autumn Leaf on Thursday, October 01 2020 at 09:11:53AM

Emotional appeals are generally the only appeals that work. I've seen very few people ever swayed by facts, but many times they are swayed by emotions.

People will generally also believe blindly whatever they feel to be true is true unless they get publicly backlashed on that belief. In the power of habit, the author makes a good case that the civil rights movement and gay movement were changed almost solely on the basis of emotional appeals rather than any kind of logical movement.

People right now feel that attraction to a minor is unnatural. Unnatural things are always horrible. So pedophiles have to be horrible people and any evidence to the contrary must be secret Russian propaganda.

Even trying to sell people on the fact that there are a large amount of non-offending pedophiles is a hard sell in the today's climate.

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