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The Bad Apples may mostly be Bad Oranges

Posted by Dissident on Monday, October 05 2020 at 00:18:27AM
In reply to Bad apples posted by Autumn Leaf on Friday, October 02 2020 at 11:26:42AM

It doesn't help that there are a good number of cases of horrible child abuse (some of which are commited by pedophiles).

The "some" should be pointed out to be possibly no more than 20%. Most cases of actual child abuse occur in the home of the insular nuclear family unit by teleiophiles on power-trips, not by the pedophile living down the street. The former are opportunistic abusers.

In regards to truly horrific cases of child kidnappings by strangers, these are psychotic individuals who are anything but typical MAPs (if any of them are actually MAPs as we understand it at all), and as terribly tragic as each incident is, it has always been a very rare type of crime.


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