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Omg, this is profound!

Posted by Dissident on Tuesday, September 22 2020 at 4:34:45PM
In reply to I am a female transgender non-binary posted by hierophant on Thursday, September 17 2020 at 04:01:02AM

As for seeing such people in the wrong places, this means you see how those with the most social clout tend to behave on Twitter and Tumblr. The many reasonable people in this demographic who simply want equality and do not have their personalities governed by hatred and the very alpha traits they berate men for allegedly displaying are drowned out by the loudmouths among their number who can't say the same. These loudmouth bullies want to use their "discriminated" status to ironically give them the type of social and political power they incessantly claim they do not have, which nurtures the narrative while destroying it with empirical evidence to the contrary.

What greater social and political power is there than the ability to act like an asshole as much as you want, to almost whomever you want, with impunity and even receiving brownie points for it by those who run social media academia, and the HR departments of corporations? These people prevent solidarity among all the people, which is why the true top dogs of society love and support them so much.


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