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Well said! And regarding the 'CP' accusation

Posted by Dissident on Saturday, September 19 2020 at 5:37:59PM
In reply to If Cuties is child porn. posted by hierophant on Saturday, September 19 2020 at 02:02:18AM

What Hadjuk said was true, but here is the important thing to remember: Those ill-fated modeling sites he mentioned were all small operations that had virtually zero popularity outside of a customer base that wanted to see the models. Netflix is a huge multi-million dollar streaming service that has a lot of power to fight in court and a vast global customer base who are not there only to see Cuties. Now that both big business and artistic expression united are taking a hit, a major resistance to the moral panicking while trying to remain on polite society's good side has arisen.

Of course the accusations of "child porn" are going to be leveled, since every politician and layperson has their own personal definition: anything involving youths that has the remotest sexual connotations that happens to offend them and a large enough bandwagon telling them they should be offended. And of course, conspiracy theories are going to be circulated claiming that the Netflix administration, the film's producer and director, and likely all the camera operators involved etc., had coerced the girls, that they were "exploited" (even if only by legal default), etc. Same old, same old.

It's what the crowd of moralizers want to hear, so they jump on it, and before you know it, we have another "Pizzagate." Next the Republicans will be saying that the Democrats were involved in the whole sordid affair, and the Democrats will claim the Republicans were the ones involved. And some conspiracy theorist will say they were both involved. Nothing is ever proven, a lot will likely be disproven, and this will become another ridiculous notch in the history of moral panics leading to censorship demands and more "protect the kids" hashtags and proposed legislation, which will be dredged up when the next moral panic with similar sets of conspiracy theories rears its head.


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