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Something to keep in mind, my friend...

Posted by Dissident on Friday, September 18 2020 at 3:01:11PM
In reply to The "Cuties" controversy is a sobering reminder... posted by LGsouL on Tuesday, September 15 2020 at 8:55:24PM that Netflix did not pull Cuties from its streaming service despite the expected blowback. There is no way that Netflix did not anticipate this. They simply changed the ad campaign, apologized for the original one, and turned off the "comments" section so they didn't have to see all the expected cookie-cutter attacks (which were all name-calling with little or no insightful points). They were more than willing to deal with the number of people who would angrily unsubscribe from their service for the number of people they knew would subscribe simply to watch Cuties...and bring the film into the top 10 streams on the service, and likely remain with it after they saw the variety of programming the service has to offer.

Cuties is a result of the emergence of new forms of sexual and artistic expression from girls as a backlash against the sexual suppression of younger people and the tendency for artists of every political constituency to push boundaries no matter how strong they may be. It is not a sign of "petafile infiltration of Hollywood" as the attacking cyber crowd claims. The movie had a nice message of how going in that direction to an extreme is bad, which it is, and how young girls, like adult women, are subject to a strange combination of popularity and denouncement for expressing themselves in a natural but taboo fashion. Once twerking goes out of fashion, rest assured something else will take its place to fill the void, and social media makes it far more difficult to keep youth expression and influence out of the adult public eye.

Does this mean things are actually much worse for us? No, my friend, it simply means things are still very bad, but there is hope on the horizon. This should have been expected, but I fully understand how disheartening and upsetting it is for those of us who are not able to take the common mainstream perspective of this day and age.


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