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Posted by Newt on Tuesday, September 08 2020 at 10:44:03PM
In reply to SaF posted by luckless on Tuesday, September 08 2020 at 9:39:22PM

I spent half an hour, sorry if it offends you or if I didn't realise your position. It might make you laugh, or it might make me seem like an idiot.


You have a great job that you like, taking little kids to park, but meanwhile...
Your parents are trying to stop you and they hold financing.

A babysitter's earning's nine bucks an hour.
But you're all right when you hear the children play.

Now you have to realise that it won't be enough for a living.
When you're outside on your own and you have to pay the rent.
There are jobs at many places, but you have to make a sacrifice.

And even we must, and even we must have a job.

You try your other skills, you know all too well - staying strictly on one path won't help your future career.
You could babysit on weekends, or days off. If that's what gets you relaxed and makes your day.

And parents wouldn't mind, you're really working in their view.
You've got a daytime job, you're doing allright!

You can play with children like you did before.
Just save it up for Friday night.

With the help from
With the help from


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