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Not really

Posted by Newt on Thursday, September 10 2020 at 02:06:18AM
In reply to Everything you say is true posted by luckless on Wednesday, September 09 2020 at 09:59:59AM

I attempted to get a lighthearted (but honest) message to the tune of "Sultains of swing" since I thought we were doing that thing. And I made a fool of myself again.

Honestly, what we are (our sexual orientation) should not be the only thing that defines us. I deduct that you're young(er), mad at world and want to do what you enjoy. Correct me if I'm wrong. We have all been at that phase, but in the end some get a job doing what they like, others get a job doing what they can and a small minority gets a job that they like and then years later still like it.

I am not going to say your parents are right or you are lucky to have a family that cares about you. These are not what you want to hear. I still don't know if you're a teacher or a babysitter since (honestly), one is a "real" job, while the other one is allowance money. I don't expect you to answer as that is personal and could be used to narrow down the search if anyone is trying to find you (and always assume they are).

I'm going with the "babysitter" path here. It's not feasible in the long run. You must separate your personal life from the professional one. Your GL still stays, no matter what job you do.

If you're a teacher, then I don't understand why don't your parents realize that it is a real job (one with career opportunities).

Either way, we are all on your side here. If you have any troubles, feel free to rant or seek assistance, just remember not to give any personal details or anything that could help vigilantes or LEOs track you down.


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