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Posted by Baldur on Sunday, August 16 2020 at 01:19:09AM
In reply to How the world should be posted by LOD on Friday, August 07 2020 at 02:44:12AM

"Also due to the years of past discrimination against pedophiles and children society will now owe us some form of reparations. Media that depicts adult-child relationships in a positive light must be made and shown in schools and on television. Any employeer that discriminates against a girl lover because of his orientation will be fined and the business possibly shut down.

"The month of April will be made into child lover history month [...]"

Reparations are surely deserved - but I really don't want a genre of media made for compliance purposes. It would be boring and stilted. There will be plenty of talented people who will make good content if they are just allowed to. Nor do I want anyone forced to hire us or forced to do business with us. I just want to be able to openly organize boycotts of those businesses that discriminate. Freedom of Association is far too important to give up for the dubious benefit of forcing people who hate us to allow us to enrich them.

I don't want a special history month either. Our history is year round, just like everyone else's.

I'll take my reparations in the form of cuddle sessions with little girls, thank you very much. It's going to require a lot of reparating. ;-)


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