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How the world should be

Posted by LOD on Friday, August 07 2020 at 02:44:12AM

Since Leucosticte wants to flood the forum with his nazi-inspired visions of how the world should be, I'm going to offer my own views of how the world should be. Note that I don't believe any of these things are going to happen and if they did it would be beyond my control since I'm just a lowly pleb. Also there is a lot of tongue-in-cheek stuff here... But here I go anyway...

Girl lovers will be given priority in jobs that involve raising and nurturing young girls provided that they show good character. Rather than a negative it will be seen as a positive and parents around the world will be happy to offer us jobs as sitters and teachers. However, girl lovers who use force, threats of violence or any type of malicious or harmful coercion against girls will be banished for an extended time to the realm of nazis and other control freaks where they will be made humble again by kissing the hairy butt cheeks of big burly men.

In this new world order girls will be free to wear what they want and girls of any age will be allowed to post any kind of pictures or media they want to on the internet. Any website that discriminates against girls because of their age will be shut down and fined. This will include sites like onlyfans.

Also child porn will no longer be illegal. Only child rape will be or the selling of child rape material against the child's consent.

Also due to the years of past discrimination against pedophiles and children society will now owe us some form of reparations. Media that depicts adult-child relationships in a positive light must be made and shown in schools and on television. Any employeer that discriminates against a girl lover because of his orientation will be fined and the business possibly shut down.

The month of April will be made into child lover history month where we celebrate the lives of child lovers from the past and into the present. Alice day will be made a national holiday where there will be a giant parade where we can proudly and openly celebrate our love for little girls.

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