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Posted by Heugnok on Saturday, August 15 2020 at 03:44:36AM
In reply to Excuse my bipolarity... I'm an MAP again! posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, August 15 2020 at 00:29:48AM

I admire your honesty and would just like to share two things:

I also sometimes feel depressed and I think it has to do with not fitting into society. I couldn't say I feel depressed because of the minor attraction but I also couldn't say I am minor attracted because of the depression. It may very well be that I am minor attracted first and then become depressed due to society's oppression. Or it may be that society is just a bit boring/depressing for me and so I look for something out of the ordinary to keep myself occupied, hence the minor attraction. But regardless of cause-effect they seem somehow associated and perhaps reinforcing each other in a feedback loop. My goal has been to try to transcend the depression as much as possible, while simultaneously learn to love my minor attraction. As I go around these cycles I have noticed I am slowly coming to terms which this dynamic and starting to even enjoy it at times, although I've had to do extensive self-education in order to cope with the depressive feelings. But the love for LGs and the love for myself loving LGs has grown so much that I know this is the way to go.

About GF and potential dependence on her, yep that is a risk and for me it has happened but only temporarily. After a relationship ends I certainly notice a time during which I miss the sex, but it's possible to re-adjust. Mostly I just masturbate more, shortly after a relationship ends but then I re-adjust and spend more time reading and being alone in nature. Parroting the feminist doctrine is a risk but if you are aware of it, every time it happens you catch yourself quicker and with time you will be able to hold your position.

I am curious about what you would unleash should you quit your medication :P. Very interesting that even while on it, your minor attraction shines through! I wish you strength and love.

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