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nice approach

Posted by Heugnok on Monday, August 03 2020 at 07:22:58AM
In reply to How are feminists different than child molesters posted by Leucosticte on Sunday, August 02 2020 at 10:33:10PM

"Not to mention, women suffer from the fact that having a lot of females in the workplace tends to make the economy less efficient. If, say, the ranks of NASA scientists are clogged up with affirmative action hires instead of the most qualified, or guys like Matt Taylor are getting distracted by scandals like Shirtgate, it tends to detract from the organization's efficiency and ability to complete its mission. People say that patriarchy would keep women from becoming astronauts, but the reality is that feminism just holds the organization back from scientific advances that would make it easier for women to travel to other planets, even if it is under male supervision."

very strong argument thanks

"And it's the same way with the sexes. When women get the upper hand over men, they treat them as badly, if not worse, than men would treat women if they were in charge of them. Female teachers, for instance, tend to focus more on helping the girls than the boys. And women try to take every dime they can in divorce proceedings, by any means the law allows."

Agreed, not so long ago I heard that in university female students are now getting higher grades than male students and back when I was still thinking this was about equality/fairness I reacted by pointing out the imbalance, instead almost everyone around me thought that the news was good, one guy even said "women are better than men" and I was called a social outcast for my response.

"The low fertility rates means that eventually girls will go extinct, so how can a "girllover" support that? Unless the idea is that the most compassionate thing is for them to stop existing, kind of like the attitude that PETA has toward pets that they "rescue" and then euthanize."

Hehe wow that escalated quickly but nonetheless I like your post, very thought provoking

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