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I think her prison time got increased after she

Posted by Leucosticte on Friday, July 10 2020 at 2:25:28PM
In reply to Three months in jail? posted by sans on Friday, July 10 2020 at 09:46:33AM

broke the conditions of her release to meet up with Vili and get impregnated by him again.

People focus on the aspect of, "If you were a sixth-grader, wouldn't you want to bang your teacher," but you probably have to be a sexually aggressive thug type to make it happen. Her husband was probably more of a nice guy, and that's why he got screwed over when she got bored with him.

If we had early marriage by which sixth-graders could marry other sixth-graders, the problem might be solved. Culturally, it wasn't encouraged even when it was legal, though; people looked at teen pregnancy as a bad thing and campaigned against it, or they said pregnant teens should give up their kids for adoption rather than raising them with the father.

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