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don't confuse the exclusives

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, July 10 2020 at 8:27:32PM
In reply to The classic formula for seduction is, "Hey, we posted by Leucosticte on Friday, July 10 2020 at 5:17:18PM

This might be great for guys at the pub, but if you're a school teacher who only likes young girls, taking this advice might lead to a few unfortunate complications;)

I had a friend of a friend growing up who was both kind of ugly in the looks department and also a classic a-hole of a person. Every one of us thought the same of him, and we barely "tolerated" him hanging out with us. Nobody liked him, nobody believed him, nobody trusted him. However, he seemed to get a lot of girlfriends, and usually very pretty ones at that. How? Because everywhere he went, he would ask girls for their phone number or a date. For every 20 he asked, maybe one would agree. That meant that for every hundred he asked, he'd get 5 girls to go out with him, despite the fact that he was an ugly jerk. He didn't care that the other 95 would say no or "Ewww" or even put him down. I gotta say, I sure didn't have the thick skin he did when I was young. A girl could politely say "No thank you" to me, and I'd be devastated and crushed for weeks.

Personally though, I was always happy just having my own mutually loyal girlfriend (not speaking of kids). These days I suspect being loyal to one another isn't very common anymore. Many people prefer to be selfish, or actually were never taught to value anything else more.

In the late 90's just before The Great Pedo Scare was in full swing, I used to meet lots of girls online. People of all ages intermingled, and they were often the ones who initiated contact with me. I took some stupid risks that would have had me encounter the boys in blue today. I don't know if it's even that easy to meet girls online anymore, is it?(I guess I'm clearly not a gamer), but I wouldn't recommend it, especially in any way that identifies you and especially with the goal of meeting her in person.

Then again, there's a lot of risks I'm no longer willing to take, the older I get. Never wash your whites and colors together for instance. It will make you very anxious.


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