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good insight

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, July 10 2020 at 04:39:55AM
In reply to Type of girls I avoid posted by LOD on Friday, July 10 2020 at 01:14:34AM

My ideal age range more than likely isn't exhibiting this stuff just yet, but I also look at older girls and young women. Some of the instant "avoid like the plague" cues are multiple tatts, nose rings, or that greenish-blue hair. Any amount of multiple piercings, going overboard on makeup and trying to convey an extreme rebellious appearance. I also discovered that older chicks who seem obsessed with lolita looks are usually lesbian and feminist. The ones wearing blackframe glasses with a distorted look in their eyes is an instant "run away" cue. Obsession with photographing themselves to elicit approval from online strangers when they are already past high school age? HUUUGE red flag.

Over time I realize that what I love most is the classic traditional girl look. I love skirts and dresses and long hair. A little makeup to highlight their features is okay, but not too much. Girls who are still, unapologetically, presenting as girls.

Oh yes, we are male and still dare to judge women and girls.

Deal with it.

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