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Type of girls I avoid

Posted by LOD on Friday, July 10 2020 at 01:14:34AM

-quiet and insecure.

-wears baggy clothes to hide her body. almost always has on a hoodie or sweater even in the summer

-leaves her hair down and rarely gets a hair cut

-never wears make up and shows no interest in making herself beautiful

-negatively comments on girls who show more body confidence then her. Often criticizes girls the same age as her for dressing "above their age."

-doesn't like to be hugged and avoids any type of physical affection

-if you tell her she is beautiful she will often deny it or accuse you of lying.

- feels self-conscious and embarrassed when dancing or engaging in any activity that might make her feel sexy

While some pedophiles, whether out of desperate loneliness or genuine concern, may try to help these type of girls out of their introverted shell and bring them to more confidence, I believe that it is actually best to avoid them like the plague. Ultimately they will grow up to believe you are the cause of their low self esteem and end up hating you even though you were trying to help them.

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