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Have you tried killing people?

Posted by jd420 on Tuesday, June 30 2020 at 10:17:02PM
In reply to People assume pedos belong to some ideology posted by Leucosticte on Tuesday, June 30 2020 at 0:34:41PM

There are definitely a lot of feminists on the left


...these people are on the left, now?

who say that it's right-wing patriarchy that has oppressed women and allowed young girls to get raped (e.g. by their fathers)

This would be a step forward...

...but no. Supporting father-daughter rape is literally the center of their platform against us.

But in right-wing communities, people always talk about pizzagate and how the left is always conspiring to legalize pedophilia.

Same folks. Same answer - start shit, get hit.

I suggest not caring about civilians in an area-effect basis. We've already fought this war before, and if they don't like...

...the first three words to come out of Kansas, they can come up dead - along with their families and anyone within a mile or two who didn't get there first.

It's a declared war. Any enemy combatants (or civilians near them) must die.


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