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People assume pedos belong to some ideology

Posted by Leucosticte on Tuesday, June 30 2020 at 0:34:41PM

Michael Moore was talking to Bill Maher on TV about how Trump has seemed to groom his daughter for sex, and Maher was saying it always seems to be Republicans who do that kind of stuff.

There are definitely a lot of feminists on the left who say that it's right-wing patriarchy that has oppressed women and allowed young girls to get raped (e.g. by their fathers), etc. They want to impose a lot of restrictions on men and empower women, to prevent this.

But in right-wing communities, people always talk about pizzagate and how the left is always conspiring to legalize pedophilia. They'll take some news article about how some left-wing person wanted to be nicer or more understanding toward pedophiles, and repost it endlessly (there are only maybe five such articles they can point to because it's very rare to see such stuff posted anywhere in the mainstream press).

In reality, pro-pedo ideas could be integrated into any ideological system. Right-wingers could say that patriarchy, carried to its logical conclusions, does allow Donald Trump to behave as he wishes toward his young daughter. Left-wingers could say that feminism, carried to its logical conclusions, should mean that young women should be free to do as they want with their bodies.

But on the other hand, any ideological system can also be interpreted in such a way as to oppose pedophilic behavior. For example, right-wingers can talk about how pedophilia is a perversion that goes against natural law, while left-wingers can talk about how pedophilic behavior exploits the weak.

In practice, whoever is in power under any system is going to want to indulge their desires to do whatever they feel like doing, regardless of ideology. So we'll see evangelical Christian Republicans wanting to have mistresses, or gay lovers (including some who may be very young), and we'll see leftists engage in a lot of behaviors they theoretically shouldn't (e.g. Bill Clinton wasn't supposed to have sexual relations with a woman who was in a reporting relationship with him; he could've gotten #MeTooed for that today).

What the people in power want to do in their private lives transcends ideology. Just because Jeffrey Epstein wants to allow people to have sex with minors on his island, and some leftists will partake of that, doesn't mean they're in favor of letting the masses engage in that same behavior, any more than the Soviets wanted to let the masses have dachas and the other privileges that were reserved for those at the top of the hierarchy. And Christian evangelical leaders who have mistresses, or Republican politicians who have sex with their male pages, aren't necessarily in favor of EVERY Christian Republican doing that.

But, people will take this kind of behavior as a sign that these people are hypocrites and don't really believe in their ideology. The reality is that people in power tend to believe that those in power have special privileges that they've earned, that allow them to deviate from the usual rules. At the end of the day, everyone of whatever ideology who wants to have sex with kids, is going to believe that it's okay for THEM to have kids if they can get away with it.

And when you're in power, it's easier to get away with it. Nobody ever reporting Trump to CPS, because why would you want to pick a fight with a rich guy who can probably cause a lot of trouble for you? Nobody touched Epstein either, for a really long time, because he had the resources to defend himself in court, and he had a lot of connections.

People will always say, though, about the other side, "They're pedo and we're not" as a way of feeling superior.

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