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Oh, and uh...

Posted by jd420 on Monday, June 29 2020 at 11:37:39PM
In reply to :) posted by jd420 on Monday, June 29 2020 at 4:36:05PM

...if one vapes mirrorcrystal, not only does everybody live, but it doesn't even cause chernobyl_preserve_effect.

Y'all fuckers are too stupid to live.

I could freeze out the planet in months...if the high-surface-area methane laser mirror "gets swiftly remodeled." This is the only scenario - attainable, quickly - in which anything on the planet lives.

Police, landlord, petroleum/automotive, and school abolition would probably cause others to undertake much slower repair, more or less immediately. I prefer "enjoy the zero dollar value of real estate and sign the crap on top over to the rez" backed by neutron_toaster. :)

Literally none of this was okay, or any good.


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