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Posted by jd420 on Monday, June 29 2020 at 4:36:05PM
In reply to message from jd posted by Eeyore on Sunday, June 28 2020 at 00:57:54AM

- situation still resolves to casmir failure at scale at silver halide.

- petromahnkovism is still pointed at the toddler of the flowering plants/free-range mother lizard conference and era.

- the methane volcano of cellulose crisis is set to fucking blow, killing god-damn everyone.

...and it kind of sucks waking up in someone else's civil war reeenactment.

The major beneficiary religions are the roadkill oven of Moloch, and that Egyptian antigathering religion where you take it all with you for the waste, and if what you actually got to keep for all the useless destruction weighs as much as the heart they'll pull out of your chest, everyone will basically be amazed. Meanwhile, there are projected to be literally zero survivors in 50 years; nothing in the arctic has decomposed since the precambrian.

...meanwhile, the mirrorcrystals of the inhuman cities will still be there, empty, so it will be a hot methane atmosphere. The topside of the shattering of the crime of London, Scotland - the crater of Africa - has considered lead a primary element to eat, drink, and throughout the 20th century, mandate the breathing of, for about 3-5,000 years now.

It is projected to be a liquid drinking element in under a century. Someone should check the underside of the crater, see if there are a lot of heavy metals - aurum and carbon, perhaps.

Meanwhile, the planet is being cored out to its literal unhappening at its root, and I consider the previous two civilizations more important than the mammilian era. And, of course, everyone thinks leadwater and mass death are greeeaaat, and we should 'be reasonable' and 'practice icremental change' with less than a half century survival projection of of carbon life.

Just to be an ass, this problem did not arise in my house.

message from jd

Nah. You'd totally need something way too cheezy and wierd for a Doctor Who plot, but whose major assertions and projections all check out, if ya wanna pose a message as being from me. :p

..."I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for you darned philanthropists" is a dank meme, though. :)

It sucks waking up alone in a civil war reenactment with a population so lead-addled that they won't even move if you drive them with fire.


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