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Posted by Gimwinkle on Thursday, June 18 2020 at 1:18:52PM
In reply to Girl-love vs boy-love posted by Human on Thursday, June 18 2020 at 10:44:50AM

I attempted to post at BC but their website now requires that I "authenticate" somehow. I have no idea how, nor do I really want to. But, as per your request, I have copied my intended text here and ask that you copy it and post it using my Gimwinkle name. You can link to this post, too, if you like. Thank you, if you do.

I have been posting at GirlChat for almost 20 years. I am an exclusive lover of little girls. I was also imprisoned for it for a long time. I've been out, now, for about 20 years. And, crime free (except for a couple driving infractions.) I choose to be this way. I don't want anyone to go through what my little lover did simply because society discovered and reacted to our 4 year relationship. I add my normal disclaimer after this post's main text.

She was virgin when I got busted. That is to say, She was virgo intactae. She never pleasured me. I pleasured Her. I performed oral sex upon Her until She reached orgasm. Okay? That was the sex part.

As I told Her, there is a difference between sexual and sensual encounters. Among other things, a hot shower for two was never sexual but, rather, sensual. I don't think it would be a good idea to describe such things here. Suffice it to say, sensual activities between two people cannot be construed in any way as violent. It just can't be due to its nature. My sexual encounters with Her as well as my sensual encounters with Her were entirely focused upon Her. Not me.

You may disagree with this concept -- with my testimony -- yet the facts remain. This was how we encountered each other.

Now. Replace my words of "She" and "Her" with your words of "He" and "Him" and what you feel about your little lovers... in an exclusive focus on the little lover... is what we had.

For the record, for several years after I was in prison, She wrote me and even visited me, childishly expressing Her love for me. Then, one day after finally being told to attend a psychologist's counseling session, She discovered that (1) She had been violently abused, (2) I would never change and (3) She should hate me. She was 13. That's the last She was in contact with me. And, no; I never have changed.

Regarding this post and every post I write about myself describing my past, be advised that I was tried, convicted, sentenced to a very long time in prison, and I served the complete sentence. Be further advised that I am no longer practicing illegal activities today and that I refrain from doing so by my own choice, not from fear of legal entanglements or society's outrage. I remain crime free because I choose to.


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