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Never heard of it.

Posted by Gimwinkle on Monday, June 22 2020 at 02:30:17AM
In reply to Looney posted by Eeyore on Sunday, June 21 2020 at 06:51:39AM

Looney is the nickname for our dollar coin. I'm sure it also refers to "Lunacy" which implies crazy. On a sailboat, yeah, that's me.

My little lover wrote me a letter once with 30 or 40 X's and O's all in Her handwriting. She also was joking with me about being a great Dad. That's all the "childish" idea was based on.

No, I have zero anger towards anyone involved. Well, maybe a little bit towards Her mother for "selling" Her to me one day. But not much.

I'm not angry towards the courts system that imprisoned me. The judge actually gave me the minimum sentences that he could. The prison system never angered me. It was fun toying with them. In fact, there were numerous times when I could have "left" but never really wanted to. My family took many years to convince me to leave (legally) which I did.

I do have a rather heated anger at today's society in general for their idiotic but oppressive views on human sexuality. It wasn't too many centuries ago when the social elite found brother/sister incest for purposes of procreation to be the way to go. Incestuous kings may have built Ireland’s Newgrange Passage tomb, for example. Ancient DNA from 44 people sheds light on Ireland's Neolithic political hierarchy where brother/sister incest was common. Even the ancient Greeks were heavily into boy love. Just a hundred years ago, or so, Polynesian family social structure held that adult/child sexual encounters were common.

Yet, today, human sexuality in modern society borders on insanity. Any deviation from social norms is viewed as heinous, illegal, and minor deviations are then pumped up to the point that to punish requires life imprisonment... death if nobody is looking. Gays and lesbians proved that in recent years... and even today!

Anger at society? Absolutely. Wars. Political manipulation. Financial manipulation. I could go on, but you know the point I'm making.


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