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Girl Lover Lives Matter more than cop lives.

Posted by hierophant on Tuesday, June 16 2020 at 03:50:19AM
In reply to Girl Lover Lives Matter! I Am Now Your Warlord! posted by Eeyore on Friday, June 12 2020 at 02:49:57AM

I was thinking of doing a big tech media campaign to get the public to think the children were having sexual interactions with adults all over The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. There would be a raid on CHAZ to save the children. Hopefully, a whole bunch of those Antifa warrior wannabees and cops would die. And I'd be a happy camper. I don't want cops dead in all situations just when one of us is being targetted for no good reason. Antifa makes me mad because they say they defend the oppressed and yet all they do defend are the groups that are no longer oppressed. But still, they talk of how virtuous they are. If they really want to be social justice warriors they should defend us then they will get all the hate, threats, harassment, and social alienation to truly earn the title social justice warrior.

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