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yeah, I dunno...

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, June 16 2020 at 03:10:37AM
In reply to US Supreme Court 1964 Civil Rights Act posted by hierophant on Monday, June 15 2020 at 2:52:53PM

I've said before that people of differing persuations should have the right to earn a decent living for themselves. This is just basic humanity. If you're not on board with that, then you're really just a heartless brute or bitch.

The problem is when things start to expand and tresspass upon others. For example, you now have to share a restroom with a biological male, or your church will get penalized for following the dictates of the bible, or... you will be fired yourself if you don't call a biological female by a male pronoun even if you don't believe gender preference overrules biology.

It goes back to what I once said (somewhere, I'm not skilled enough to access the archives without a search feature)... that I see a difference between accepting alternative lifestyles and protecting them from violence, earning a living, etc... and just assimilating/mainstreaming their lifestyles.

Everyone who didn't choose their predilections or attractions in life deserves a chance to live in peace and get along, but forgive me if I am hesitant when people tell me there is a better way to repaint the entire social structure (since the 60's) than what has been time-tested for millenia. It takes more than an nndergrad social sciences instructor and a few pop-stars to make a thinking mind believe such a thing.

I'm open to it, but it will never be proven in our lifetime or age. You gotta prove it to be better over generations first. I won't be around for that test of time, but I'm not seeing the magic of it as yet. What I see is confusion and addiction and the inability of loving commitment. Ah, well.


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