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Not only KKKanada, sadly.

Posted by Hajduk on Monday, June 01 2020 at 8:34:34PM
In reply to It's them damned Canadians, I tell ya. posted by Eeyore on Sunday, May 31 2020 at 11:11:36PM

If I understand cases I've learned about correctly; also Airstrip One and some countries in mainland (((Europe))) have similar laws against drawn children.

It's a sorry state of the world, but it is what it is.

That said; it's there in the FAQ: "GC is not a picture trading site". It can't get any clearer. If you want to promote your artwork and it's legal then mention in your posts "I do legal drawings of girls and post them to my site; information by mail" and fill out the mail field.

GC has always been authoritarian out of need; but it is not tyrannical.

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