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Posted by sans on Wednesday, June 03 2020 at 0:12:30PM
In reply to my photo used to be a popular non-nude photo posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, June 03 2020 at 03:18:41AM

A thought I've been having recently is that the only place with no assholes are places with no people, it's probably not a healthy thought to be "meditating" on as it seems to me to be something like reverse-Buddhist meditation, but anyway, I believe it's true.

Dykes/lesbians/whatever seem to be a lot like liberals in general in that they're really accepting and tolerant so long as you believe exactly what they believe. Any if you don't, you're stupid/ignorant/misguided/Adolf Hitler or whatever else. Not that I fall on the other side of that false dichotomy, or that conservatives necessarily have a better response to those with differing attitudes or beliefs.

Blonde girls are great, though I don't have any specific preference, I do like certain things like blonde girls who are darker, as in more tan than their hair color. Girls with dark hair with blue or green/hazel eyes. Hazel eyes in general are amazing. Brown eyes. Red hair - might be my favorite.

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