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Stories As Activism

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, May 29 2020 at 02:49:56AM

Give me.. a premise to build a dream on...

All movements need some lore, do they not? As the rest of society fusses and fights and increasingly forgets about us, we are presented with an immense opportunity to build something from the ground up, something which would currently be in its infancy.

Baby steps at first. General ideas before specifics, no? What's the classic lore about people who like kids? How do you change that for people who these days are guided by a set of self-adhering rules regarding respect of the will and dignity of kids, yet still have this attraction?

At the same time, how to shut out the outsiders to this attraction who nevertheless seek to direct the sexuality of kids, usually for higher-goal political motives that leave kids secondary to the goal? Questions which I don't necessarily have the answer to. I am just pointing out the always potentially huge realm of coverage for good fiction.

What if Red ran off with the wolf willingly? Maybe an APB Amber Alert about a very hairy man with large canines, a sensitive heart, and a love for lolicon and ballet.

I dunno. Just giving an example of possibilities for anyone with a gift for the written word. I really think such writing could do a lot for the realm of girl love at a basic structural level, wherever it may appear. I encourage those with an inclination for writing and an attraction to girls to consider this uncharted territory which will not be rewarded at first, and quite possibly for the rest of their lives. Rhetorical question to all the lurking girl loving eyes:

You in?


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