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But I was given a pic of the Rebbe!

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, May 14 2020 at 03:51:51AM

Needing Input On My Hollywood Script...

He had a freakin' loaf of brad or something, I think. He was in NY.

Hoping some creative girl lovers can assist me despite my nazi BLACKLISTING!

So I've been shopping my girl lover soap opera around, called The Young And The Breastless, but these Hollywood fellows are being extremely nervous and tepid. I've even been following them to temple on Saturdays and waving at them from a far, but alas.. they apparently have this so-called nervous "Epstein" worry going on:/ It's been hard to break through with my awesome pitch:(

..And so I figured, why not ask the girl-love community for a few script scenarios that might fill the bill, so to speak. To Girl Chat, give me a semi-brief synopsis of how you meet your girl and how the story goes. You might not even be pissing into the wind if your reply is honest. Thank you sincerely for your honest effort if any of you so choose to take up the creative challenge.


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