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Rushing around

Posted by Gimwinkle on Friday, May 15 2020 at 0:45:31PM
In reply to you've impressed me posted by Eeyore on Friday, May 15 2020 at 03:58:02AM

Here in Canada, there are tons of Russian, Ukranian, and other immigrants that are now Canadian citizens or permenant residents here. In fact, I'm married to a Chinese girl. There is a small area north of Toronto that is called the Chinese Capital of Canada. Often, in my professional past, I would meet transport drivers picking up or dropping off stuff, many of them were Russian or similar. All were wonderful people.

One night, many years ago, my copilot (can't remember his name) and I were unloading some freight. As we were buttoning up to return to Toronto, CP cried out that he had dropped his cellphone in the snow. We spent about 15 minutes casting about, poking around but couldn't find it and eventually gave up.

The trucker came walking up while I was doing my walk around and called to me. He had found the cellphone in the back of his truck and that his pump truck (for moving heavy skids by hand) had jammed it up against the side of the inside of his truck. It was funny how bad it had been crushed. CP came to look. Sure enough, it was his. The trucker profusely apologized and offered to pay for a new one, since it was in his truck. CP said, "I dropped it, not you. Besides, it's covered by insurance. No problem, tovarishch." They got into a short Russian discussion and the trucker left.

I was shocked, "I didn't know you speak Russian."

CP replied, "I've dated about 10 different Russian girls. You pick up some things, you know."

"Yeah, like..."

He hit me with a snow ball.


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